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Residential Black Awning

Offering High-Quality Residential Awnings in Fairborn, OH

Improve your home's appearance and create a unique outdoor living space with beautiful awnings from Glawe Awnings and Tents. We provide distinctive shade solutions for apartment balconies, backyards, and more. Our residential awnings in Fairborn, OH, offer endless possibilities for beautifying your home, improving outdoor space, and reducing UV rays.

Our inventive designs can echo the architecture of a traditional residence or supplement a modern-style home. With countless colors and patterns available, design possibilities are near limitless, and you can choose from seasonal-stationary, permanent-stationary, or retractable awnings.

When crafting your awning,  we use efficient seaming technology for ultra-strong seams, and we have a machine that covers up the needle holes. To put it simply, we offer the finest outdoor awnings for rental and purchase.

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Residential Retractable Awning Fairborn, OH

Stationary Patio and Permanent Awnings

These coverings allow you to vacation in your own backyard. Seasonal stationary awnings provide a 3-season room for relaxing with your family or entertaining guests outdoors. Plan a party with peace of mind knowing everyone is shielded from the elements. At the end of the season, we remove the awning for storage and will return in the spring to reinstall it. Takedown, storage, and installation fees apply.

Permanent fabric awnings offer year-round protection. Their frame structures are designed to a commercial standard so that they can even serve as carports. Additionally, they provide a softer look that blends into your home's facade, providing a luxurious appearance. Depending on the application, permanent awnings can assume a variety of sizes and shapes. Frames and fabrics are also available in diverse colors and materials.

Window, Porch, and Door Awnings

A door model adds color, shape, dimension, and fabric varieties that go beyond aesthetic appeal, while providing protection for your doors, keeping the weather off your guests. We can make them in any size or shape to complement your architecture. Choose from traditional sloped style, gable, conclave, dome, or waterfall.

Porch and window awnings can be fixed or retractable. They offer increased curb appeal and energy-saving benefits. In a typical home, most energy is lost through glass, doors, and windows. A recent study* showed that home awnings could decrease costs by 25% or more.

*The Energy study was conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota

Vertical Sunshade Awnings

Enjoy sun control with a view. Vertical drop solar screens from Eclipse offer shade without compromising your home's beauty. You can enjoy the sun while indoors, lessen glare, protect your furnishings, and reduce your energy costs. Eclipse solar screens help to block up to 90% of harmful UV rays and reduce your home cooling costs. Choose from light filtering or total opaque fabrics as well as manual or motorized operation.

Contact us  to decide on the awning for you. We install them all over Fairborn and Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding communities.